As-salamu-alai-kum (may peace be upon you)

Welcome to Sitrah!

How it Started

We are inspired by sisters, around the world, who have gained prominence in society. Over the past few years, we have seen Muslim women, in non-Muslim lands, making commendable progress in fields such as legal services, academia and medicine, to name a few. We also observe a large section of these Muslim women being ever mindful of the obligation to adorn themselves in accordance with Islamic standards. This observation served as a thrust for us to become a bridge between the worldly and lofty aspirations of this group of sisters! Thus, Sitrah was born in 2009 to cater to the needs of our sisters especially those living and working in non-Muslim lands.

What We Do

Sitrah designs, manufactures and retails modest apparel – clothes that allow men and women to maintain Islamic standards of modesty whilst going about the day performing their roles in society, especially within the context of multi-religious societies.

We also source for and retail accessories such as clips and brooches and other items such as books and CDs which we like and would like to share with you.

Sitrah Designs

The process of putting together the Sitrah Ladieswear designs was not easy. Members of the Sitrah design team, all of whom hold traditional views on Islamic standards of modesty, were constantly challenged by the need to balance these views with the needs of the modern Muslim woman in multicultural settings. The outcome? A ladieswear range that is generally Islamically sensible and, at the same time, chic and contemporary – void of any strong ethnic inclination.

Currently, Sitrah offers a ladieswear range and a kidswear range of clothes. Over time, we will include menswear for wardrobe completeness.

We hope you enjoy our clothing range and find them inspiring!

Stay in Touch

We love sharing with and serving you. As part of our service, we will post articles and/or links to articles on other sites, particularly those pertaining to Islamic standards of modesty, on the Sitrah Blog for your reading pleasure.

We also have a Facebook page and Instagram where you will be able to keep up with the latest happenings from Sitrah.

Alternatively, you could also provide us your e-mail address and/or contact number for inclusion in our mailing list.

Feel free to browse through our products and/or drop us a note to ask us a question or just to say “Hi!”…. either way, we’d love to hear from you!

We hope you enjoy our products… happy shopping at Sitrah!

Wa-alai-kum-salam (and may peace be upon you)